Frequently asked Questions


Q: Will the item I order look identical to the picture in the online shop?

A: No, It will look very similar but as I make everything free hand and use a wide range of beads including a lot of second hand beads and buttons, it will not look exactly the same. I see this as a positive thing, because it means that each piece is unique.


Q: I cannot  find any examples of the thing that I want made or I want a particular thing made e.g my pet. Can you make something special for me?

A: Yes. Contact me and describe what you want me to make, include the colour and size. If you want me to make a particular thing like a pet, you can email me a picture. I may contact you to request more information.


Q: Are there things you cannot make from wire and beads?

A: I will rarely turn down a commission, but will give most things a go. It would be hard for me to do something very large.


Q: Are your pieces able to go outdoors?

A: Yes, as they are made from covered copper wire so they do not rust. They may seem delicate but are quite robust. if they get bent out of shape they can be bent back. If fixing outside, secure well to protect them from the wind.


Q: Do you have a gallery or shop?

A: No. I work in a small studio space,  in my home in Shropshire and go to craft markets to sell things.


Q: Do you offer classes or do workshops?

A: I do not run my own workshops as I do not have the space at my home, but it is possible I would except an offer from group like a school or WI, to go and do a workshop for them.


Q: Where do you get your wire and beads?

A: I get most of my wire from but have been given quite a bit of second hand copper and steel wire over the years. The beads I buy in bulk form various online sites, as well as a large portion of it coming form second hand sources like car boot sales, charity shops, and people giving me bags of beads, so I can put them to use.


Q: How do I clean them?

A: I personally find the easiest way to clean them is too run them under the tap, let them dry, then put them back where they were being displayed.


Q: How much do you charge for shipping?

A: I charge a standard amount of £ 3.00. Go to the Shipping methods and terms page for more information.


Q: Can I collect my order from one of your events?

A: Yes. Please Contact me with details of the piece you would like to purchase. If it is a product on the website, please describe the name an colour exactly as it appears on the website. You can then look at the Events page, to see where I am going to be. You will be able to pay me with cash or card in person.


Q: How do I pay for my purchases? 

A: You are able to pay me on this websites using the Stripe payment method.  If you would like to pay by cheque visit the Contact page where you can tell me what item/ items you require. I will send your purchase out to you when I have received payment. I am unable at present to take izettle payments over the phone but can take them in person at Events, where I am also happy to take cash.


Q: Do you have a returns policy?

A: Yes. If you are not happy with something, you can send it back to me and I will refund you your money.  Email me first to tell me you are returning items. When I receive them, I will refund you. Please return within 14 days of purchase. Any return postage costs will be paid by the customer. 


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes. Please see Shipping methods and terms page for more information.


Q: What postal service do you use?

A: Royal mail. Please see Shipping methods and terms    page for more information.

Q: How long will my purchase take to arrive?

A: I aim to post things within 5 days,. Occasionally I may have to order some materials for your order. If this is the case I will let you know. Please see Shipping methods and terms for more information.