How to contact me


-If you have any queries for me you are welcome to email me at; or use the contact form below.


- If you feel any of the personal information you have supplied me is incorrect, please let me know asap and i will alter it.


-My address is ; Kim Rogers, 2 East Houses, Chirbury, Montgomery, Powys, SY15 6BJ



-I do take on commissions, so if you  can't find what you want on the online Shop   and are interested in commissioning me, you can email me, visit me at one of my Events or fill out the online form below. Please include details such as size, colour, breed etc. The more in formation I receive, the more my work will be like how you imagine it will. If you want me to make something in particular, feel free to email me a picture.


-Please be aware that I am unable to reproduce a piece exactly. I work with a large variety of beads, some of which are second hand, so the finished result varies from piece to piece. I see this as a positive thing, as it means each piece is unique.


-If you are using the form to request something off the website because you want to pay by a method, other than stripe. ( see the Payment methods page) please list the item/items and their colour  and price exactly as they appear listed on the website Shop , to avoid confusion.



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